• Sparks of Joy Co was born out of the desire to bring more joy to the world through handwritten cards. We design and sell mini cards (perfect for hand delivering) and pre-stamped postcards & flat cards so you don’t have to worry about tracking down a stamp. Our goal is to eliminate all barriers between the idea of writing a special note and actually sending it. So choose a design and send some handwritten snail mail to someone! 


Share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a product, make announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

  • Mini Cards are just that, small mini cards! Perfect for passing to friends/families, holding gift cards, lunches boxes & more. Mini sparks are created to be hand delivered. Each mini card comes witha matching envelope!

  • We have 2 types of Big Sparks! Pre-stamped postcards and flat cards with matching pre-stamped envelopes!Perfect for sending across the country to let someone know you are thinking about them! 

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