Custom Orders


Hi Friends! Thanks for your interest in Custom Orders! 

Custom Drawn Postcard for Laura Lee Watts

I'm going to be really honest here, if you are looking for business cards, It will be cheaper to order from sites like VistaPrint or I know with starting a business, money is usually tight and I want to be honest that with the process that it takes to create my cards. It will be cheaper if you order through one of the above sites.

​Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let's chat customs!

​I do accept custom orders for mini cards, pre-stamped postcards, and flat cards (with pre-stamped envelopes). 

​Custom cards will have a custom design fee and will have a minimum order of 20 cards.  Custom design fee begins at $15 for simple designs and can range up to $150 for more complex designs.  

​Starting prices for card printing

(these prices do not include the design fee)

Mini Cards - $15 for 20 cards
5x7 Cards: $30 for 20 cards

Ready to request your custom order?